Web Tools to Enhance Kids Creativity

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September, 2014
We are all makers, whether it's a clay pot, apple pie, paper airplane, digital movie, personal essay, or computer program. Watch any toddler with a set of building blocks and you will see its earliest incarnation. Educators play an important role in fostering these skills. Here are a set of tools that will help you create an environment of makers.

Teach programming in your school with a Kodable School Plan. Get 30% using this link.

 Make everything from soap to leaf jewelry to sound-activated electronic signs in this student-friendly community.
Bring computer science to your high school students with video tutorials, code examples, and coding puzzles.
Add audio tracks to ebooks, like sound effects, music, or even spoken words to make the stories come to life.
Convert your video files into animated GIF images, which you can use on your blog or tweets.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.

This selection is  curated by technology activist Kim Wilkens.
This one is curated by high school district librarian