Two Incredibly Useful Videos on Flipped Learning

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September 6, 2014
Flipped learning is a learning trend that is gaining in momentum within the education community. Whether this is a new trend or not does not matter here what matters is the fact that web technologies and digital media is increasing the potential of flipped learning beyond measures. Flipped classroom or flipped learning is a methodology, an approach to learning in which technology is employed to reverse the traditional role of classroom time. If in the past, classroom time is spent at lecturing to students , now in a flipped model, this time is utilized to encourage individualized learning and provide one-on-one help to students.There are actually several pluses for using a flipped approach in your teaching:

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  • Doing the 'knowledge' part at home provides students with ample time to think, absorb and reflect on their learning.
  • Classroom time is devoted to more engaging and inquiry based activities
  • Students become responsible for their leaning
  • Classroom teaching becomes more student centred
  • Flipped Classroom also "allows teachers to reflect on and develop quality and engaging learning opportunities and options for internalization, creation, and application of content rather than just fluff or time filling assignments."
Today, I am sharing with you these two wonderful videos that sum up the essence of Flipped learning. The first video is an explanation of what Flipped learning is all about and the second one provides an an example of how students are actually learning through the flipped learning model. Enjoy

1-  The Flipped Classroom Model

2- Flipped Learning