Two Great Places to Buy Posters for Your Class

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September 15, 2014
One of the repeated emails I keep getting almost on a daily basis is about how to buy visuals and infographics I share here in EdTech and mLearning. Actually, there are two kinds of visuals and posters I feature here: posters I have made myself and these are offered for free for anyone who want to use them non-comercially ( some examples: 10 Social media skills for the 21st century teachers , Digital citizenship poster, How to critically judge online content) ). The other type of posters I share here are those which I come across online and which are CC licensed.To use these posters you need to contact their original creator. I always include a link to the original work which you can use to get in touch with its owner. However, if you are looking for some websites that officially sell posters here are  two I would recommend .

1- Shawn MacMeekin

This website sells some great educational posters ideal for classroom use. Most of the posters you will find here are the creation of anethicalisland whose infographics have been featured here several times.

2- Teachers Pay Teachers

You are probably already familiar with this platform. As its name indicate, Teachers Pay Teachers is a website where teachers and educators share and sell teaching and learning materials. You can browse through the different materials offered here by grade, subject, and price. There is also a section for posters which embeds hundreds of educational visuals.