SchoolCircle- A Great Free Way to Communicate With Parents of Your Students

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September 3, 2014
SchoolCircle is a new free web platform that allows teachers to easily communicate with students parents. SchoolCircle is very easy to use and has a wide variety of useful features that make it similar to Edmodo. As a teacher, here is what you can do with SchooCircle :

1- Create Circles
SchoolCircle allows you to create circles for your classes. A circle is a space you designate for your class and where you can invite parents to join in. You can can use circles to organize class events, assign tasks, share documents, messages, files and pictures. The cool thing about Circles is that when you invite parents to join your class circle you also have the option to designate a 'room parent' who can take be entrusted with the management of that task ( e.g invite other parents, create new circles, share content with other parents…etc)

2- Create Class events
You can use the Event feature of SchoolCircle to invite your students parents to the events you create for your class for instance: field trips,school concerts…etc. All the parents invited will receive email reminders on the morning of the event.

3- Messages
You can use messages to share updates, upload homework assignment, post pictures from a filed trip. Messages also allow you to upload and attach pictures and files .

4- Tasks
This is where you get to ask your students parents to do certain tasks: for example, sign a permission slip, bring an item to school, order a yearbook…etc. Parents will received reminders of the tasks the morning that are due.

5- Documents
This is where you can give your students’ parents online access to important documents: reading lists, instructions, homework and special project assignments, etc. Parents will be able to see recently uploaded files, or search for a file from months ago.

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