New Google Docs Cheat Sheet to Use in Class

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September 15, 2014
Here is a new Google Docs cheat sheet that is ideal for classroom use. This free downloadable document is created by the awesome Shake Up Learning . If you still remember, I have recently featured some of their wonderful Google Drive visuals here in this blog.When I first saw this new visual I thought about teachers who are going to use Google Docs with their students for the first time. This could be a very good introduction to some of the features of Google Docs.

Using this cheat sheet students will be able to learn about how to edit documents (both Google docs and Windows Word files).They will also learn about the different components of Google Docs menu and will explore the various functionalities nested in the Insert menu. To this is added another section that visually features items under the Tools menu and the Toolbar.

Visit this page to download or save a copy of this cheat sheet to your Google Drive. Enjoy.