Must Have Resources on Using Twitter for Teachers Professional Development

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September 30, 2014
Twitter is definitely one of the best social networking websites to help you with your professional development. I have been using Twitter for a few years now and I must say that it was and is still of tremendous help to me both in learning about resources and tech tools to share with you here and also in my personal growth as a budding scholar interested in studying the impact of emerging technologies on literacy learning. So it is no coincidence that my master thesis was on the educational potential of Twitter.

Recognizing the huge importance of Twitter in our professional growth, I created an entire section here in EdTech and M-Learning where I share tools , posters, and  tips and guides to help teachers make the best of this microblogging platform. Today, I am adding another excellent resource from Cybraryman's library. This is a page packed full of wonderful resources and materials to help you better leverage Twitter for your professional development purposes. I would highly recommend that you bookmark the page and keep coming back to it for Cybraryman is constantly adding resources to it.
Check out Cybraryman's Twitter for PD page.