Interesting Visual Featuring 6 Instructional Strategies That Sticks

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September 30, 2014
I love these witty quips that ASCD intermittently share with the education community in the form of visually appealing infographics. The recent visual they shared in this regard relates to the topic of issue number two of Education Leadership magazine. Instruction That Sticks is a beautiful visual that features 6 quotations from leading thinkers and educationists. The quotes , different as they are in their scope, each speak to one of the essential areas in teaching methodology. Think of them as tips to help you better conceptualize your teaching strategy to meet the learning needs of your students.

Here is a quick round-up of these 6 quotes. You can download this infographic in PDF format from this link. Enjoy

1- "Rooting around in memory, trying (perhaps struggling) to remember something, is actually a great way to ensure that the memory sticks. " Daniel T. Willingham,p.10

2-"The essential element of cooperative learning is individual accountability for all team members." Robert E. Salvin,p. 22

3- "Teaching for understanding demands going beyond basic facts and procedures to ask, why do we do this? Why does this make sense?" Mayilyn Burns,p. 64.

4- "When students have clearly articulated learning targets, they begin to see learning as growing a body of knowledge and skills, rather than completing a series of assignments." Susan M. Brookkhart and Connie M. Moss, p.28

5- "Engaging students in literate conversations with their peers is a powerful instructional strategy for fostering reading comprehension". Richard l. Allington, p. 16

6-"As we walk around the classroom, what we choose to focus on, how long we spend with each team or individual, and what we choose to say or not say has crucial instructional value". Bradley A. Ermeling and Genevieve Graff-Ermeling, p.55