Interesting Visual Featuring 27 Ways to Be An Effective Teacher

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September 17, 2014
Here is a very good infographic I usually come back to when asked about tips for new teachers. In fact , these are also good refreshers for experienced teachers. Regardless of where you stand in your  teaching, you will always find yourself looking for some creative ways to enhance your teaching and increase your students engagement.These 27 nuggets of wisdom from An Ethical Island will definitely provide you with some inspiring techniques to render your classroom teaching much more effective.

27 Ways to be an effective classroom teacher:
  • Get plugged into the best teachers
  • Maintain contact with the family
  • Read up on the best teaching techniques
  • Investigate new discoveries with the class
  • Incorporate music into the classroom
  • Challenge your students just beyond their present reach
  • Incorporate social media
  • Reward a great attempt
  • Experiment in the classroom
  • Create a global perspective
  • Encourage lots of questioning
  • Don't band-aid or cover up student confusion
  • Give your students all the tools to succeed
  • Get lots of sleep
  • Maintain healthy eating
  • Don't raise your voice. Maintain your control
  • Don't pull teeth. encourage students along
  • Grow along with your class
  • Anchor your lesson in their world
  • Maintain your energy level
  • Find the key to each student's success and use it
  • Encourage out of the box thinking
  • Allow students to express themselves using the arts
  • Let the students erase yesterday and start with a clean slate each day
  • Stop the lecture and let students speak
  • Chat with your students
  • Reach out to struggling students and successful students.

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