Here is How to Set Up A Flipped Classroom

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September 20, 2014
Here is one of my favourite videos on flipped classroom. In this funny and insightful video, Keith Hughes explains the idea behind the flipped classroom and provides some excellent tips for teachers who want to integrate the flipped teaching methodology in their instruction. The video is a little bit long (24 minutes) but is really worth watching.

Flipped Classroom is an inverted method of instruction where teaching and learning take place online outside of the class while homework is done in the classroom. Advocators of this approach believe that this is the ideal method of instruction in our digital age. They basically build their judgement on the following facts :
  • Flipped Classroom shifts the learning responsibility and ownership from the teacher's hands into the students'.
  • Students tend to perform better when they control when, where and how they learn.
  • Teachers no longer dispense knowledge but rather guide and direct while students are the real active learners 
  • Teachers create animated videos and interactive lessons and lectures and students access them at home in advance of class even. In this way all students can re-watch the video tutorials whenever they want.
  • Classroom time can be geared towards data collection, collaboration, and application.
  • Class becomes a place for students to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning.
  • Flipped Classroom also "allows teachers to reflect on and develop quality and engaging learning opportunities and options for internalization, creation, and application of content rather than just fluff or time filling assignments."
Watch the video below to learn how to set up a flipped learning classroom