Google Forms Released Two New Interesting Features

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September 3, 2014
Google Forms is one of the powerful tools for creating surveys, polls, questionnaires and quizzes. Over the years, many updates have been added to Google Forms that enhanced its performance and made it ideal for classroom inclusion. The last update I covered in a previous post was about how to add  images and videos to your forms. Two days ago, Google released another new update that allows users to customize the background of their forms  and add new themes and headers to them. You  can also now upload your own images and use them as the background of a form you create through Google Forms. Here is how to do it:

1- To add a custom theme, just create a new form and click the “Change theme” button in the toolbar.

2- Select the theme you want and click on " customize it"

3- Now click on "form background" and/or "page background" to customize the form and page of your form respectively.

Watch this video to learn more about how to customize Google Forms

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