Excellent Free Podcasts for Teachers and Educators

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September, 2014
Yesterday after I finished reading the wonderful book"The Power of Habits" I went ahead to YouTube and did a quick search on its author Charles Duhigg. I stumbled upon this interview hosted by Jonathan Fields ( see it below) in which Duhigg answered some of the questions about his book. Digging a title bit down I discovered that the show host Jonathan Fields has a wonderful YouTube channel and a free podcasting app under the same name. Both of the youtube Channel and the podcast app feature some great interviews with thought leaders, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Google Life Project could be a great resource for teachers and educators seeking an effective way to grow professionally. The videos you will find there cover a wide gamut f topics such as self-development, motivation, inspiration, innovation, design and many more. I have just downloaded the Good Life Project podcasting app and I can see it it has over 100 podcasts. Some of these podcasts are only 5 minutes long which you can listen to while commuting between work and home.
Don't just build a living, build a life! Weekly interviews feature in-depth conversations with purpose-led entrepreneurs and movement-founders, visionary artists and thought-leaders. Each episode explores the inspiring journey of a single guest, getting-real and diving deep into their personal quest, challenges, revelations and experiences. Insights and inspiration abound and each show wraps with the guest's definition of a good life.

Here is a sample of Fields' interviews. In this one he interviewed Charles Duhigg author of "The Power of Habits".