Digital Learning Portfolio Guide for Teachers

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September 23, 2014
Here is a great find I don't want you to miss. This is a step by step guide on how to incorporate digital learning portfolios in the classroom.This guide is created by Rudy Blanco ( Digital Learning Coordinator at the Dreamyard Preparatory School) and is published on Edsurge.

Blanco started his guide with a few tips on how to make digital portfolio learning a successful experience in your class. He mentioned things such as teaching students about file organization and cited Google Drive as a tool to use for this purpose. He also talked about using a unified filing procedure to make sure that all students are in the same page  and then concluded his tips with the notion of accountability and how making students accountable for their work pushes them to work harder.

Next, he talked about the implementation process of the digital learning portfolios and outlined four main steps in this regard:
1- Content, content, content
2- Identify mastery
3- Content enhancement and multiple entry points
4- Publish and feedback

Read Blanco's full guide  to learn more about each of these steps. Enjoy.