Differentiated Instruction Visually Explained for Teachers

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September, 2014
Here is an interesting visual I stumbled upon today while I was browsing through my Twitter feeds. The visual is an overview of what differentiated instruction is all about and sheds some light on key concepts related to this instructional method. In a nutshell, differentiated instruction is primarily suiting instructional means to meet individual learning needs. As such it targets the following areas:
  • Improvement of learning outcomes
  • Increasing learners' self-awareness
  • Helping students learn more efficiently and with deeper understanding
  • Inspiring a love of learning
  • Increasing engagement.

There a wide variety of reasons that make differentiated instruction a necessity in the teaching pedagogy. Some of these reasons according to Knewton are:
  • Students have different learning needs
  • They come from various educational and academic backgrounds
  • They have different attention spans and interests
  • They have different language abilities
  • They have different cultural and social backgrounds.
Have a look at the visual below to learn more about differentiated instruction

differentiated instruction Courtesy of Teachthought
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