Connected Classrooms Provides Wonderful Virtual Field Trips for Your Students

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September 18, 2014
Connected Classrooms is a fantastic program that makes use of Google Plus Hangouts to provide virtual field trips to teachers and students. Using the Hangout On Air, students will be able to virtually visit different zoos and museums all around the globe. The learning experience these virtual field trips provide are amazing. Students will not only take virtual tours but will also be able to pose questions to experts and even collaborate with other classrooms from all around the world. Here is a handy guide that shows you how to use Connected Classrooms to take students on virtual field trips.

Connected Classroom also features a wide variety of past and upcoming field trips. For the past trips, you can  search the archive using subject area. 'For upcoming field trips you can RSVP to get notified when the field trip goes live. At the start time of the event, you can tune-in to live Hangouts on the the field trip’s Google+ event page, which will always been linked from the Connected
Classrooms website.'

Watch the video below  to learn more about Connected Classrooms.