A New Poster on Integrating SAMR Model with iPad Apps

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September 27, 2014
This is the second article I posted here on SAMR iPad apps in less than two weeks. Why? I love SAMR and I find it a very good pedagogical framework that teachers can draw on to not only integrate technology into their instruction but also assess the efficiency of this technology. And since iPad is a leitmotif in  today's learning, its alignment with SAMR model will definitely assist teachers in making the most of the educational potential of this versatile device. To this end , I am sharing with you this wonderful illustrative chart I stumbled upon on Apps in Education.

 As you can see the chart outlines the four stages of the SAMR model and provides apps related to each of these stages but unfortunately the apps are not hyperlinked so you need to Google them to access them.

Check out the full original poster from this link.