9 Excellent New Educational Web Tools for Teachers

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September, 25, 2014
It's been awhile since I last updated you on the new educational web tools that have been recently launched. Things have been pretty hectic here particularly that I am a full time PhD student now and it gets increasingly hard for me to find a balance between blogging here and my studies but I am doing my best to keep up with everything.

As you know by now THE New Educational Web Tools is a series of bi-weekly posts in which I feature a compendium of new web tools that have some educational potential for teachers. I curate the list based on the reviews provided by other educational bloggers. So here are the titles you might have missed in the last few weeks:

1- Inifinit

Infinit is a beautiful and free peer-to-peer file-sharing application that allows sending unlimited size in just a matter of seconds through a single drag and drop. It aims to enable creatives to be more productive by using a tool that simplify their daily work: 
  • Productivity: A 4 seconds sending process - Drag.Drop.Done - 
  • Peace-of-mind: Disconnecting from the Internet doesn't cancel your transfer 
  • Fast: Our peer-to-peer technology allows transfers to be up to 30 times faster than the competitive solution 
  • Secure: Data are encrypted end-to-end to ensure the users’ privacy

This is a cool tool that students can use to create storybooks.The site provides empty templates for students to use when creating their stories. Students can also upload pictures, draw, illustrate, and share their finished storybook with others.

3- Otus

Otus is a platform that allows teachers to create virtual spaces for their classrooms where they can share materials with their students ( e.g assignments, polls, quizzes…etc). Otus also offers a neat featured called bookshelves that teachers can use in their virtual class to store reading materials.

4- Nasa Kids' Club

Nasa Kids Club is website that offers a wide variety of interactive games and activities for young learners.The purpose behind these games is to enhance students thinking skills and problem solving.
5- Heganoo

Heganoo is a tool that lets you create beautiful maps with your personalized rich-content points of interest. When you are done with creating a map you can then share it with others using QR code, email, social-networks or embed it right in your website or blog.

6- Word Tamer

This is a great tool to train students on writing by engaging them in an interactive process of story writing using a wide variety of materials like characters, settings, plot ..etc

7- Newsuem Digital Classroom

This innovative website is a free, cross-disciplinary classroom resource featuring interactive timelines, archival videos and downloadable historic front pages through our lenses of historical connections, media literacy and civics. Comprehensive yet flexible lesson plans are designed for middle, high school and college teachers and students.

8- LibrAdventures

LibrAdventure is a mapped literary atlas that allows you to track and explore major authors based on the locations and events that made an impact on their lives.
9- Annotary

Annotary is a good bookmarking extension to use with your Chrome. Annotary allows you to bookmark webpages, highlight parts of the page and annotate them using sticky notes.