6 Good Classroom Posters on Digital Citizenhsip

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September, 2014
This is a short telegraphic post to share with you this new digital citizenship resource I learned from TechChef4U. Venspired ( a wonderful platform that provides educational posters) has this assorted collection of 6 posters on digital citizenship designed specifically for incorporation in classroom settings. Each of these posters highlight an axiomatic statement that represent the essence of what it means to be a digital citizen. Of course, as Vensdale stated, digital citizenship is not a set of posters to be hang in the classroom walls but is a culture that should be lived by everyone of us. Modelling is an essential component of digital citizenship for it allows students to see in action  the embodiment of the meaning of a digital citizen.

The posters come in different formats which you can access from this link but I would love you to read Venspired introduction annexed to these posters, it's really an excellent read. Enjoy

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