5 Tips for Providing Effective Feedback to Students

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September, 2014
In a recent post published by Edutopia entitled " 5 research-based tips for providing students with meaningful feedback", Stenger made a strong case for the importance of feedback in students learning. She backed her argument with a plethora of scientific studies and came up with some useful suggestions for teachers to consider when giving feedback to students. The article is really worth reading and you should also check the links of the studies mentioned in it especially the one that looked at delayed versus immediate feedback. In a nutshell, here are the 5 suggested tips together with an interesting sketchnote from Rebeca Zuniga that was featured in Edutopia's Facebook page.

1- Be as specific as possible
2- The sooner the better
3- Address the learner's advancement toward a goal
4- Present feedback carefully
5- Involve learners in the process