3 Useful Resources for Science Activities and Lesson Plans

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September 18, 2014
Today's post features two practical resources for science teachers. These are websites that  provide a wide variety of science activities and presentations that you can try out with your students in class. For more science resources and websites, check out the following page.

1- Science is Fun

Science Is Fun is a platform that provides various hands-on science activities and experiments. Most of these activities can be done at home. The purpose behind these experiments is to introduce and teach students about basic science concepts through fun activities.

2- Online Science

Museum of Science + Industry Chicago features an entire section on science called "Online Science". The page contains multiple resources for science teachers such as science games and apps, videos explaining different scientific phenomena, and fun activities for learning about science. Online Science also has a podcast service that teachers can use to  listen to discussions and talks around different science concepts.

3- Science Friday

Science Friday is another excellent resource for science teachers. It offers lesson plans, videos, readings, hands-on activities and several other materials ideal for classroom use.