3 Powerful Tools for SAT Vocabulary Practice

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September 27, 2014
If grammar is the backbone of language, vocabulary is its flesh. Developing a linguistically rich repertoire of vocabulary helps students  command their language. It also provides them with diverse ways to express themselves in writing and ultimately enhances their writing style. There are actually several web tools that students can use to review and consolidate their vocabulary knowledge ( check out this list to learn more), however, today I am sharing with you  three learning platforms ideal for SAT vocabulary practice.

1- Professor Word

Professor Word is a great web tool that allows students to improve their vocabulary while navigating the web. It enables them to quickly find definitions of any word by simply highlighting it. Professor Word also helps students find STA and ACT vocabulary terms on any web page. This tool is available as a bookmarklet that works on almost all browsers.

2- Vocabulary.com

This is another excellent website for helping students grow and enrich their vocabulary. Vocabulary.com provides an array of materials students can work on including word lists, SAT and test prep test, and several other activities geared towards empowering students vocabulary  practice in all grades.

3- Flashcard Vocabulary

Flashcard Vocabulary is an online cartoon dictionary that helps students with their SAT vocabulary preparation. It allows them to practice over 500 most commonly tested SAT words through the use of beautiful visual cartoons. Each cartoon illustrates the definition of a  SAT term.