3 Easy Ways to Integrate iPad into Your Google Classroom

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September 11, 2014
Now that the Google Classroom is officially released to all Google Apps for Education accounts, those of you using iPad in their instruction would probably be wondering about possible ways to integrate this new tool with iPad. The video tutorial below will guide you through the process of how students and teachers can use Google Class on their iPad to create and turn in assignments.

The process is pretty simple and is made of three main steps:

  • Students use the suggested iPad apps to do their assigned work
  • They then export that work to their Google Drive
  • They turn it to Google Classroom by downloading it from Google Drive.

Here is a visual illustration of this process:

In this video tutorial, Greg Kulowiec  demonstrates this process using the following examples of assignments and apps students can work on:

  • Use Explain Everything to create a screencast and turn it to Google Classroom
  • Create video content through iMovie
  • Use Book Creator to create an ePub file or a digital file book .
  • Annotate a PDF using Notability app and turn it in to Google Classroom
  • Turn in a written assignment as a Google Doc using the Google Doc app.

Watch the video to learn more

To learn more about iPads and Google Apps, EdTechTeacher will be offering a Google Apps & iPads Pre-Conference workshop at their November 12-14 iPad Summit in Boston where Greg Kulowiec will be the keynote speaker.
Courtesy of Edudemic