20 Charts to Help You Teach Close Reading

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September 22, 2014
Close reading is a  much debated topic in the world of academe. I have recently attended a seminar on this topic and it seems like several teachers are still missing the mark concerning what and how to go about teaching students to be close readers. Close reading is definitely a "survival skill" particularly in a world drowned in information. Close reading is all about reading differently. It is reading for deep understanding; it is  paying attention to what others would normally overlook. Being a close reader entails focus and dedication to your reading material. It empowers readers to delve deeper into the latent meanings of text searching for cues that make the reading a totally different experience, one that resembles the detective work. Close reading is also about critical reading, reading that does not take things at face value but rather probes into what is hidden between the lines.

Here are some great anchor charts from We Are Teachers to help you better teach close reading to your students. I invite you to have a look and as always share with your colleagues. Enjoy

Click Here to access the full list.

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