Two Great Periodic Tables of Educational iPad Apps

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August 27, 2014
Today as I was wading through my Twitter feeds I came across a link to the periodic table of iPad apps created by ICTEvangelist.Upon checking this work I learned that it is inspired by a relatively similar work done by Sean Junkins which I have featured in an earlier post in this blog. Different as they are, both of these periodic tables provide an interesting collection of educational iPad apps you could probably consider using with your students.These apps are arranged under different categories and each of these categories  has a unique colour code to help you identify apps belonging it. The labelling of the categories in these two periodic tables slightly differ from one another with ICTEvangelist tending to repurpose his work for UK-based educational settings.

1-The Periodic Table of iPad Apps ( Sean Junkins version)

2-The periodic table of iPad Apps (ICTEvangelist version)

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