Teachers Visual Guide to Google Drive Sharing

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August 11, 2014
With the approach of the new school entry teachers are busy getting themselves around the technology they might need for this coming school year. Obviously, it goes without saying that Google Drive is a fundamental element of the teachers tech toolkit. So it is no longer a question of whether to use it or not but rather how you can use to enhance your teaching. To this end, understanding the different features embedded in Google Drive and knowing how to tap into its full potential is a goal every teacher should be grappling with.

To help teachers master Google Drive , I started  sharing here a series of posts  in which I feature guides, tutorials, tips and tricks that I would across in my browsing errands. After sharing the new Google Drive cheat sheet, today I am featuring another wonderful short visual guide created by Shake Up Learning ( one of my favourite EdTech blogs). In this guide teachers will learn about the basics of sharing on Google Drive. This Guide is available for free download from this link.

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