Great Resources for Integrating Technology in Class

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August 18, 2014
Over this weekend, I spent some time sifting through the piles of posts in this blog looking for materials and posts to help new teachers better integrate technology in education. The result is a list featuring some interesting resources that I highly recommend for any teacher planning to get their feet wet in the Ed Tech world.

As you can see below, the resources I handpicked for you include rubrics, tips, tools, and visuals all geared towards empowering you with a set of skills to enable you to  make a better use of technology in instruction. Enjoy

1- Using Technology Vs Technology Integration Chart

2- Technology Integration Matrix 

3- Three Working Models to Integrate Technology in Your Teaching

4- Resources for Integrating Technology in Early Education

5- Technology Integration Matrix

6- 11Ways to Use Technology in Class

7- Important Tips for Teaching with Technology

8- Technology Integration Rubric