Great Back to School Ed Tech Rubrics

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August 18, 2014
I love rubrics and I find them particularly helpful in lesson plan designing as well as in assessing students work. I know some teachers and educators think of them as "so yesterday" but we need to view them as roadmaps that can  guide you towards achieving your teaching/learning goals. Over the last couple of years, I have shared here a wide myriad of rubrics most of them are Ed Tech related. Today, I revisited my archive and selected for you the collection below hoping that they assist you in your  efforts to integrate technology in your teaching.

1- A Rubric to Grade Students iPad Projects

2- A Rubric for Evaluating Web Content

3- A Handy Rubric for Arts Teachers

4- Technology Integration Matrix

5- Rubrics for Developing Students Speaking Skills and Presentations

6- Rubrics for Students Blogging

7- Teachers Rubrics for Selecting Mobile Apps

8- Rubric for Inforgraphic Use in Class

9- Problem Solving Rubric

10- Digital Storytelling Rubrics for Teachers