Excellent Visual Summarizing The Main Learning Theories

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August 4, 2014
All of us who are working in the field of education are operating from a given theoretical perspective that, knowingly or unknowingly, informs our practice. This perspective is also shaped by the ontological and epistemological stances to reality and knowledge underlying theory. We have all been introduced in the course of our careers as teachers and educators to various  learning theories and most of us would easily identify the key theories that have stood the test of time (constructivism, connectivism, behaviourism, social theory…etc). Having a fair understanding of the different theories that are at work in the world of pedagogy and teaching can help teachers make informed decisions as to the teaching methods that work best for their teaching situation. It also enables them to make better choices about how to approach and diversify their instructional strategies in such a way that meets the different learning needs of theirs students.

If you need a good refresher of the most salient learning theories that inform much of the learning and teaching practice, the visual below is a great place to start with. It succinctly summarizes the major theoretical foundations that have shaped the education literature over years.

All thanks go back to Suvi Salo through whom I discovered this resource.

Check out the original full visual from this link.