Excellent iPad Tips,Tricks, and Resources for Teachers

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August 23, 2014
I received a couple of requests over the last few days to feature a post about tips for managing iPad classrooms. I know several of you, if not at the start of the school year then at least at some point during this school year will probably be drawing on iPad as a teaching resource to scaffold students learning. To this end, I went ahead and compiled this list hoping you will find it helpful. Enjoy

iPad Management Tips and Tricks

Techchef4U has this wonderful cheat sheet that features some important guidelines and tips on iPad management. You can download this document in PDF format from this link.

Places to look for educational apps

Here are some of the trusted platforms where you can search for educational apps to use with your students.
 iPad Apps Evaluation rubrics

Here are some wonderful rubrics to help you and your students better evaluate the apps to use in your class.

 iPad Posters for your class

There is a section here in Educational technology and Mobile Learning where I feature iPad posters that teachers can use in their classes. Here are some samples I selected for you.