Excellent Back to School Resources for Teachers

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August 24, 2014
I have been receiving several emails from teachers from all around the world asking for back-to-school resources. So instead of responding to each one individually I make a post and share it with everybody here. I am also having a hectic life, extremely busy with my PhD studies and all the readings and research that it entails. I am saying this because I do find it hard to catch up with my mail and respond to your inquiries. That being said, my apologies for those whom I did not get to answer back.

As for the back-to-school resources, I have recently started sharing posts featuring different lists of resources and materials specifically compiled for teachers to use during the first week of the new school year. Among the posts that I have shared here  are :

Today I am adding another wonderful resource from my favourite educational platform Edutopia. If you are a teacher and you are not reading Edutopia's materials then you are missing out on many good stuff that can help you with your teaching and pedagogy.

A few weeks ago, Edutopia posted a resourceful post featuring a wide variety of back-to-school resources.This collection is so rich in diverse materials to help you make a difference in your teaching. Here are some of the materials I have read from Edutopia's list: