Enhance Students Productivity with These Web Tools

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August 26, 2014
There is a growing number of tools for students offering benefits from organizing assignments to creating study groups to taking notes. Here are some notable options for your students to consider.


ClassOwl was founded by a group of Stanford sophomores wanting to improve the hectic academic experience. Teachers and students are constantly faced with the challenge of staying organized and up-to-date with assignments and deadlines. ClassOwl is a simple solution for teachers to help keep students on track.

 A free resource to create online discussion forums and study groups for university students. Piazza is an online platform that facilitates interaction among. Using Piazza you will be able to:
  • answer students’ questions once for all students to see
  • your students can engage with classmates in online discussion
  • you can post class related announcements
  • you can post class files, resources and the class syllabus
  • you can conduct polls to get a sense of where students stand
  • you can receive/send private messages from/to students on 
  • more sensitive subject matters

Students can use this website to host and record collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Surfmark is an online research application that encourages critical thinking and helps students learn how to synthesize and integrate knowledge around topics. It is a powerful research tool currently available on iPad that also teaches the process of doing research properly.

A surprisingly simple yet powerfully visual to-do organizer students can use for all their tasks.

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