Back to School Activities to Try in Your Class

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August 25, 2014
In the series of posts I am sharing here on the back-to-school event, today I uncovered from my archive two awesome posters created by Busy Teacher outlining some interesting ideas for teachers to try in the first week of the new school year. These ideas span a wide variety of classroom activities  to get your students into the 'learning mode' required for debuting a new academic year full of success and productive work.

Here are some examples of these activities as featured in the graphic below:

My dream job
Have students write a paper on their dream job and then share it with their peers. The purpose of this activity is for students to practice their writing and speaking skills.

Give a speech
Students give a short speech on a simple topic like" my summer vacation' to practice speaking in front of groups.

Give a report
Have students give a short written report on something 'newsworthy' in their communities, like the opening of a new shopping mall.

Our class policies
Have students work in groups to draft abut ten class rules or policies. They can then share with other groups and decide on a final ten.

Weekly journal
Introduce the weekly journal, for fluency practice, not correctness, and based on a topic that comes up in class reading, like sibling relationships.

Survey your classmates
Students survey peers on a topic like how many students drink coffee in the morning and then come up with a percentage.

Information gap
Divide up the information on a reading topic among different groups, one paragraph each. Have them then share information to complete the reading.

1-  Check the original poster from this link

back-to-school ideas

2- Check the original poster from this link

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