A Must Have Resource for Student Researchers and Academics

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August 6, 2014
Today as I was working on a paper for my PhD course "Foundations of Education Inquiry" it dawned on me to share with you this wonderful resource I am constantly drawing on to help me with referencing and citations. Online Writing Lab is an online website that provides free guidelines and rules on a variety of research topics including  how to reference your papers using both MLA and APA styles. Although nothing replaces having an official MLA or APA guide book, OWL does prove to be handy.

The great thing about OWL is that it provides you with pointers and short samples and examples of how to go about using citations and references in your paper.You can use the entries on the left hand side to quickly jump to any section you have trouble with. OWL also provides general guidelines on how to prepare and format papers and manuscripts in both MLA and APA. These guidelines are a must read for anyone engaged in scholarly work. Head over to OWL and spend sometime browsing through its content and I am pretty sure you will love it, at least I do.

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