4 New Ed Tech Updates Teachers Should Know About

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July 22, 2014
There have been some interesting updates in the EdTech world this summer. In case you haven't been in the loop , below are the major EdTech tools that have been updated. I will also be sharing a follow-up post with more updated EdTech tools next week. Stay tuned.

1- Google Drive

There are several cool new features that have been added to Google Drive and which I think every teacher should know. Check out this post to learn more about these new updates.

2- ClassDojo

ClassDojo has also released two new important updates: The first one allows teachers to share classes with each other. The second feature lets teachers share reports with their colleagues and school administrators.

3- ThingLink

ThingLink has also released a new feature called ThingLink for Video. This new feature is  still in beta phase but you can request  an early access to try it. ThingLink video allows you to easily add interactive elements to public videos on YouTube. This is a great way to add rich layers of information and resources to videos you share with students. You can for instance add links to websites where students can read more on the topic of the video, or add links to other videos. You can also annotate your video by adding text and hyperlinks.

4- Kaizena

Kaizena is a free tool that allows users to add audio comments to Google Docs. Kaizena has also added a new feature that enable users to add audio comments to Google Slides. Learn more about this new update from this post.