38 Ideas to Use Google Drive in Class

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August 11, 2014
This is the third post in a series of posts aimed at helping teachers and educators make the best out of Google Drive in classrooms. This series comes in a time when teachers are getting ready to start a new school year and hopefully will provide them with the necessary know-how to help them better integrate Google Drive in their teaching pedagogy. The two previous posts featured in this series were entitled consecutively "New Google Drive Cheat Sheet" and "Teachers Visual Guide to Google Drive Sharing". Today's post covers some interesting ideas and tips on how to go about using Google Drive in your classroom. This work is created by Sean Junkins from SeansDesk.

Google Docs

  • Collaborate and share lesson/curriculum plans
  • Track instructional interventions
  • Create a simple webpage with Docs publishing
  • Share and collect assignment without printing
  • provide instant feedback to students
  • access documents in class or at home
  • Consolidate notes for department or faculty meeting
  • Improve writing skills through peer editing and feedback
  • Work on reports, research or papers together with peers in different classes, schools,or countries
  • Keep a continuous, running log for assignments such as journal entries or writing samples

Google Slides

  • Share presentations with your students and co-workers
  • Upload and convert existing presentations to Google Drive format
  • Download your presentations as PDF, PPT, or txt files
  • Insert images and videos and format your slides
  • Draw organizational charts, flow charts, design diagrams, and much more within a presentation
  • Publish and embed your presentation within a website, allowing access to a wide audience
  • Add slide transitions, animations and themes to show-stopping presentations
  • see exactly what others are working on with colourful presence markers
  • Edit a presentation with other people simultaneously
  • Use revision history to see who made changes or to revert to earlier versions
  • Say hello, start a conversation or share new ideas using built-in chat
  • Use the comments feature to provide asynchronous feedback on slides

Google Sheets

  • Create a seating chart
  • Record grades with an organized grade book
  • Track attendance, missing assignments, and behaviour reports
  • Store a database of contact information for students and parents
  • Use a word cloud gadget to visualize written responses
  • Use an App Script to automatically email feedback to students
  • Collect data from across the web for research
  • Create interactive flashcards with a spreadsheet gadget
  • Format a weekly class schedule

Google Forms

  • Collect mailing addresses
  • Build quizzes
  • Student group welcome forms
  • Club event requests
  • Structured peer editing feedback
  • Assignment checklist and submissions
  • Applications for positions in clubs, groups, student government, etc