30+ Resources for Students to Learn about Coding Languages

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August 25, 2014
Learning coding is becoming a necessary skill that kids needs to master in order to thrive in tomorrow's job market. There is now a growing trend in schools and educational cirlces towards bringing coding skills and computer programming to the forefront of the educational agendas. Several public figures including business leaders ( Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg), politicians ( Algore, Obama), and educators such as the deans of Standford and Harvard have reiterated the need for schools to teach kids computer programming and coding skills.

I have already featured here a list of important resources and applications to help in the teaching of coding in classroom, however , an essential part of the coding knowledge students will be exposed to is related to the coding languages. To this end, I am sharing with you this list of excellent resources to help students learn about the 10 most used programming languages out there. I compiled this list based on this article from Mashable.