Wlingua, A Cool App for English Language Learners and Teachers

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July 12, 2014
Wlingua is a good language learning app that  aims to give your students the chance to improve their English skills outside the classroom. They can learn many things watching TV shows or reading books, newspapers... Although these are undoubtedly valuable tools, there is no possible way for you to monitor their progress following your guidance. 

Wlingua allows you to
  • Keep tabs on your students’performance. 
  • Find quality lessons to complement your own lessons
  • From a basic to an intermediate level. Choose where you want to start and Wlingua will help you learn English at your own pace.
  • Learn English through the 600 lessons created by our team of teachers.
  • Learners who don’t have enough time to learn English could join a quality course anytime anywhere. 

App's strong points: 

● More content than anybody else (600 lessons divided in 4 levels, from  A1 to B2). Besides, the learner can choose between British and American English. The app gives learners reports of their performance and it has plenty ofdifferent exercises which can help them improve in every skill: reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation...
● Learners can download the lessons in PDF.
● You can learn English from Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and French.

Wlingua is a multi platform app, which can be accessed from any device (Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Tablet...). The Premium account is free for the first month, then you can choose to buy 1, 3, 6 or 12 months subscription. In case you don't want to pay, the account goes Basic. You can continue learning but with some restrictions since not all features are available with the Basic account.