Two Excellent Web Tools to Create Story Maps in Class

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July 26, 2014
The two web tools I m sharing with you today are ideal for creating and sharing mapped stories. Students can use them in class to organize, narrate and present information through the means of geography. Both of these tools are easy to use and are also student friendly. Have a look and share with your students.

1- Odyssey
Odyssey is a cool web tool that allows you to create mapped stories. Students can use it to create and tell their stories with the help of maps and without even having to register. The concept of Odyssey is to provide users with a tool to create maps illustrated by narratives.

Odyssey provides three main templates that you can use to narrate a mapped story. The first one is through slides. This one lets you display visualization chapters like slides in a presentation. The second one is through scrolling. It allows you to create visualization that changes as your reader moves through your narrative. The third one is called Torque. Torque is an animated map template that links story elements to moments in time. It is similar to creating a timeline.

2- Story Maps 

Story Maps is another great web tool that students can use to create stories on maps. Story Maps lets you enrich your story with interactive elements such as text, photos, video, and audio. Its interface is pretty basic and intuitive and students do not need to have HTML knowledge to operate it. They can jump in and start building their stories of a place , event or issue in a geographic context.

Courtesy of Google Maps Mania.

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