This is How to Use Google Drive with Edmodo to Share Docs and Assignments with Students

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July 17, 2014
During a workshop I facilitated today in university, I was surprised to find out that several teachers did not know that Google Drive is integrated with Edmodo so I thought to write about it here , probably some of you don't know about it either. The integration of Google Drive with Edmodo allows you to sync the content of your Drive with your Edmodo library so you can easily access and share your docs, files and folders with your Edmodo groups.

Here are three ways you can benefit from this integration:

1- Share:
Sync your Google Docs to your Edmodo library and easily share them with your groups or other Edmodo connections. You can also add your Google Docs to shared folders.

2- Collaborate: 
Group members can open shared Google docs from the Edmodo stream and all edits will automatically save. Host a backchannel through the Edmodo group for added collaboration.

3- Go Paperless:
 Create a paperless classroom by using Google Docs for assignments and submitting them through Edmodo.

To integrate Google Drive into your Edmodo, head over to your Edmodo account and click on the library icon as shown below then click on Google Drive.

Now click on " connect with Google Drive" . After you authorize the connection, you will be able to see the content of your Drive displayed in your Edmodo library. You can revoke this integration anytime you want by clicking on disconnect on the left hand side.

Here is a good video from Joe Willmann to show you how to share assignments with students on  Edmodo using Google Drive.