Teachers' Ultimate Directory of Free Image Sources

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July 9, 2014
Here is a great and comprehensive directory of free image sources compiled by The Edublogger. This collection is specifically created to help teachers, educators and students have instant access to a wide variety of web resources where they can search for and access free images.The sources featured in this directory are organized according to these 4 criteria:

This has to do with whether the resource is genre-specific or just a mass collection of different images.

High Resolution:
This shows whether the images have a high resolution quality that makes them suitable for editing and printing or not.

This is about the kind of licenses under which images are listed: These licenses vary from Creative Commons, Public domain, to unique licenses that allow users to download or embed them.

This shows whether the resource is safe for student use or not.

The image resources included in this directory are arranged into the following categories:

Search engines
These are search engines that help you search for free images.

Large crowdsourced collections
These are collections provided by users on a vast network of platforms.

US government collections
These are images provided by the different officers of US government. The images are public domain (unless otherwise noted).

Unique collections
These resources are provided by individuals or small to medium-sized networks of users.

Specific subjects
These are specifically curated image resources. The images are arranged according to specific niches they pertain to.

These resources features  a wide variety of clip arts, diagrams, cartoons and several other visuals.

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