SoundCloud- A Great Music Platform for Teachers and Students

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SoundCloud is an audio recording and sharing platform with huge potential for us in education. SoundCloud  offers a wide variety of features ideal for use with students in class. The  purpose of today's post is to help you learn more about how this music website. More specifically, you will learn:
  • How to record and upload an audio clip to SoundCloud
  • How to add comments to audio tracks
  • How to create a SoundCloud group for your class and share audio files with students
  • Different ways to use SoundCloud in your class


Ways to use SoundCloud in Class

There are various ways to use SoundCloud in class. Here are some helpful suggestions:
  • Language practice. SoundCloud can be used to help students practice key language learning areas including pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. For instance, students can record themselves speaking the target language and share with teachers or peers for feedback. 
  • Audio feedback: Both students and teachers can use SoundCloud to record and share audio feedback. For example students can record audio notes and add them to class projects they are working on or upload them to class websites. Likewise, teachers can use SoundCloud to record and add audio feedback to students assignments.
  • Teachers can create a SoundCloud group for their classes and encourage students to upload, record and share audio materials there. The group can be set to private so that only students can view and use it. Encourage students to leave comments on the sound tracks uploaded by other students in the SoundCloud group of the class.
  • SoundCloud can be used in digital storytelling and in book reports projects.
  • SoundCloud is also an ideal tool for educational podcasting.

Recording and Uploading to SoundCloud

SoundCloud allows you to upload an already recorded audio clip from your computer or use its online recording feature  to record a new soundtrack. Keep in mind that a free account allows only for 120 minutes. If you want more you need to go pro. 


 To start recording your clip, click the "Upload" button in the top right corner of your Stream .


Press the "REC" button to begin recording sounds directly from your computer. You will see the sound recording and the option to stop the recording:

When you're happy with your recording, click "Upload your recording". While your sound is being posted, you can access its details, decide whether you want it to be public or private, and set permissions for downloads, embedded players, and apps. 


Adding comments to audio clips
This is one of the powerful features in SoundCloud. Teachers can use this feature to add feedback on students soundtracks. Alternatively, students can use it to leave feedback to each others. 

There are two ways to add comments to a recording. You can either add a comment to the recording in general or you can add a comment to a specific part in the recording. To do this just drag your profile icon to the spot where you want to add your comment along the audio timeline and type it in.

Set up a group for your class on SoundCloud

Setting up a group for your class will allow you to share audio files with the whole group. Students can add comments and interact with what you share or what their peers share in the class group.

Here is how to create a group for your class. Click on "groups" from the menu as shown below then click on "create a new group".

Provide a name for your group together with a few words describing it. You can also Upload an image to use with it, supported formats include: jpg, png, gif, tiff up to 2 MB.

Once the group is set up, you can then share it with students and invite them join it.

Watch this video to learn more about SoundCloud