Storybird- Great for Visual Storytelling with Students

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July, 2014
Storybird is a great platform for visual storytelling. Students can easily use it to create visual stories in few steps. Storybird provides students with artwork curated from illustrators and animators from all around the world and invite them to use those images to create engaging stories. Besides being able to create their own storybooks, students can use Storybird library to access and read a wide variety of books written by others. They can also interact with these works through hearting and commenting on books they like.

Storybird is free for educators and the best thing about it is that students can use it without having to create an account. As a teacher you can create a class account and invite students to join using passwords you provide for them. Once you have a class account, you can then share  story books and distribute assignments to them .

Here is how you can create a class account on Storybird:

1- Sign up for Storybird as an educator

2-Create a class account

3- Now you can create new accounts for your students. It only takes a few seconds.

4- Each student account you create will have a unique temporary account password that students can use to sign in, once signed in they can then change the password to something they can remember.

4- Create assignments
Asisgnments are thematic challenges you assign to students. Assignments can include besides text, different media such as images, videos (from YouTube, Vimeo,or SchoolTube). You can also include any story, poem or artwork page from Storybird. At the end of any assignment is a slot for selecting due dates. Due dates appear on the students' dashboards as a reminder to complete the assignment.

To create an assignment , click on the assignment button

Now fill in the boxes as indicated