Skaffl A New Free iPad Workflow App for Teachers

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July, 2014

Update: This app is no longer available.

Skaffl is a free iPad workflow  app created by Rita (a former instructional technology specialist at a 1:1 iPad district).  Skaffl allows teachers to plan, teach and grade using a collaborative iPad workflow solution. It also allows  teachers to seamlessly distribute and collect assignments from students. Some other important features of Skaffl include :

For teachers:

  • Create activities for students to complete
  • Plan ahead and save activities for distribution when you need them
  • Collect student work
  • Annotate and grade student assignments
  • Calendar View: Now you can view all your assignments in a easy to use calendar view that indicates distribution date and due date.
  • Mini Previews: View previews of student work even before they turn it in!
  • All Ungraded Assignments Stream: See all the assignments across all your classes that still need grading at the bottom of the main classes screen. Once the stream is empty, you’re done with all your grading!

For students:

  • Get their assignments and keep track of due dates
  • Hand in their assignments from other apps
  • Annotate and complete written assignments
  • All Incomplete Assignments Stream: Students now see a list of all incomplete assignments at the bottom of their “All Classes” screen. Now they can’t say they didn’t see it was due!
  • Calendar View: Students see assignments on the day they were distributed, and they see a indicator of the assignment on the day it’s due.