Padlet Mini A New Tool to Easily Bookmark and Share Resources with Students

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July12, 2014
As a follow-up to "teachers' guide to the use of Padlet in class" in which I featured a variety of tips and ideas on how teachers can create a classroom padlet and how to use it with their students to enhance their learning, today I am sharing with you this excellent Chrome extension called " Padlet Mini".

Padlet Mini is easy and simple to use. Once you install it on your browser you can then easily bookmark websites with one click.  Padlet Mini allows to either add the bookmarked website to an existing Padlet from your account or you can add it to a new padlet that you can create right from the extension as seen below.

If you have already created a Padlet for your class then students can use Padlet Mini in their browsers to instantly add links and resources they find online to the class wall. Just remind them to select the name of the class padlet when they want to add a resource through Padlet Mini.

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