Managing iPad Videos in Schools- Visual Guide for Teachers

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July 24, 2014
"Managing iPad YouTube in Schools" is a visual guide created by iPadWells from iPad4Schools. In this guide iPadWells walks teachers through the process they use in their school to create, share and teach using videos. YouTube is the principal video hosting used in this guide. That being said, it does not mean that the guide is not relevant for your teaching situation even if YuTube is banned in your school. You can still benefit from the tips and ideas provided by iPadWells on how to create enhanced videos using a wide variety of apps and share them with students who can access them at home.

The major apps used in this guide are: YouTube, iMovie, Camera, Explain Everything, Photos, and Google Plus. The guide starts with instructions on how to create a playlist on YouTube to which you can add videos you make using the apps mentioned earlier or videos you come across online. The guide also features some key ideas related to the privacy settings on YouTube and shows how teachers can manage them. Overall, this guide is very short ( just 4 pages) but is really helpful for those of you planning to integrate iPad YouTube in your teaching.  Click here to access the guide.