A Great Visual Timeline Chronicling The Major Literary Events, Movements, and Authors

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July 1, 2014
Here is a wonderful infographic that has been making rounds online during this week.This visual which is created by online-literature captures some of the major literary periods and movements from the medieval period stretching between 500 to 1500 to the post modernist era that started in the late sixties of last century and is still going on till today. This timeline also chronicles important events that marked the trajectory of literary history together with brief mentions of the popular authors in each of these eras (from Beowulf to Samuel Beckett).

This visual can be a great resource to share with students to help them learn about the major events, movements, and authors that shaped the literary history. And if students want to learn more about each of the literary eras featured in this timeline they can browse this Literary Periods page.

Click Here to access the full original timeline.

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