Kahoot- Excellent Web Tool for Creating and delivering Quizzes and Surveys to Students

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July 28, 2014
Kahoot is another great student response system that teachers can use to create and deliver quizzes and surveys to students. Kahoot provides a learning environment that is ideal for engaging students for it incorporates the precepts of both game-based learning and inquiry-based learning. Kahoot allows teachers to create quizzes and surreys that include a wide variety of multimedia elements such as videos, pictures and text. Each quiz you create can be accessed by students across different devices . Also teachers have the possibility to create time-controlled quizzes. You can set a specific period of time for the answer of each question. In this way students are rewarded not only for the correct answer but also for their timeliness.

How does it work
As a teacher you can create a Kahoot account using a valid email address. Once you are logged in you can then use the creator tool to build quizzes and surveys to deliver to your students. Don't worry Kahoot provides step by step instructions on each step of the process so you won't have any problems creating your quizzes. Now that your activity is ready you can ask students to join in. Kahoot does not require students to open an account to use it. Students need to go to Kahoot.it then enter the PIN you give them .

Ways to use Kahoot with students
There are different ways to use Kahoot in your classroom. Here are some of them:

  • Use it to collect informal feedback from your students
  • Assess students comprehension of a lesson
  • Poll students on matters related to the learning taking place in class
  • Host discussion panels in class where students not only answer questions but also pose their own questions

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