Interesting Poster Featuring The 7 Tenets of Creative Thinking

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July, 2014
It s widely believed that creativity is an attribute we are born with. It is a native element of our thinking process but based on different environmental and developmental factors this creativity either thrives or subsides. In his popular book "The Element" Sir Ken Robinson argues that all kids are born creative but as they grow old several of them loose trace of this creativity. Ken attributes this gradual loss of creativity to several reasons one of them is schools. He views the focus of schools on STEM subjects at the expense of art-based subjects ( such as art and music education) as one example of how the educational system backgrounds any creative thinking in kids and relegates it to a by-product, a marginal and adjunct activity that supplements content and fact based instruction.

Nurturing a creative thinking process requires a creative mindset, one that celebrates mistakes and looks at failure as needed attempts for success. Creative thinking is also characterized by a set of features, 7 of these features are included in this wonderful visual created by Sean Junkins ( based on this editorial article from Edutopia). Have a look and share with us what you think of them.

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