InfuseLearning- A Wonderful Student Response Tool

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July 25, 2014
InfuseLearing is a great virtual learner response system. In a very basic level, InfuseLearning allows teachers to ask quick assessment questions to check for students understanding. There are seven types of quick assessment questions supported by InfuseLearning. These are : Response Drawing, True/False questions, Multiple Choice, Sort in Order, Open Ended Text Answer, Numeric, Likert Scale(1-5).

Here is how InfuseLearning works:

You log in as a teacher and you create a class. There are two types of classes you can create: open enrolment class and private classes. The difference between these two classes is that in private classes, students need to have a generated code to access the class ( this code you get it when you create a class). Public classes are open to anyone with the class ID number to access it.

Once you have created a class, share the Room ID of your class with your students. Students  go to and  connect to your room by entering the "Room ID" found in the upper left-hand corner of the Teacher Dashboard along with their name. Now you're ready to start asking questions. Select the type of questions you want to ask and as students respond you can see results in realtime. You will be able to see the details related to the responses and save the results.

The unique feature that sets InfuseLearning apart from other learner response systems is " Draw Response". This quick assessment question allows students to respond to a question by drawing. Students are provided with a drawing canvas where they can draw their answers. Teachers can see students drawings as they happen and all drawings can be saved in PDF format. Another interesting feature from  InfuseLearning is audio narration which allows students to have questions read to them  in different languages.

Watch the video below to see InfuseLearning in action

Check out these excellent guides to help you  learn more about InfuseLearning and how to use it with your students