Handy Google Drive Tip for Teachers- Moving Docs to Multiple Folders

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July 25, 2014
Here is an excellent Google Drive tip I learned today from Shake Up Learning. As much as I love Google Drive and spend so much time discovering its hidden tricks and features I must say that this new tip has completely taken me by surprise and I am not sure how I missed it.

This new tip allows you to move Google Drive files, documents, presentations and spreadsheets into multiple folders. For instance, you have tow folders for two separate classes and you want to share a document you have written with both classes. This is how to do it:

Open the document you want to share and then click on the folder icon.

 Alternatively, you don't have to open the document to do this. Just click on the folder icon from within Drive management window.

Now if you want to add the document to a single folder you can simply select the name of the folder and click add to but if you want to add it to multiple folders, hold the control key (Windows) or the command key (Mac) as you click to select multiple folders. Then click Move to save your changes.

Any edits you make to that document will automatically appear in both folders. Here is a video tutorial from Google Gooru showing this tip in action: