Free Web Tools to Engage Students in Creative Learning

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July 10, 2014
After posting about "Developing Critical Thinking through Web Search Skills", today I am sharing with you this wonderful 7-page guide featuring some of the excellent tools from Microsoft to engage students in creative learning and meaning making in the classroom. The guide is completely free and is available for download from the link below.

The tools included in this guide are all free and for the most part they do not require special training or advanced technology knowledge to operate them. These tools are also designed in such a way to help motivate students to express their creativity or achieve personal success in an area that truly  interests them. From art to music to science, these applications have something to offer students in nearly every grade.

Some of the things students can do with these free tools include:
  • Make classroom lessons more memorable using a movie (tool: Windows Live Movie Maker)
  • Turn a photo collection into an intriguing 3D viewing experience  (tool: Photosynth)
  • Share a digital photo story (tool: Microsoft Photo Story).
The guide featuring all of these tools together with tips and activities to use in class is available for free download from this link.